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The Life of Dr Royal Rife

Royal Raymond Rife was born in 1888 and died in 1971.

After studying at Johns Hopkins, Rife developed technology which is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation. It is a fair statement that Rife practically developed bioelectric medicine himself.

He received 14 major awards and honors and was given an honorary Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg for his work.

Rife''s inventions include a heterodyning ultraviolet microscope, a Rife frequency machine, a micro-dissector, and a micromanipulator. When you thoroughly understand Rife's achievements, you may well decide that he has been the most gifted, versatile, scientific mind in human history.

By 1920, Rife had finished building the world''s first virus microscope. By 1933, he had perfected that technology and had constructed the Rife Universal Microscope, which had nearly 6,000 different parts and was capable of magnifying objects 60,000 times their normal size. With this incredible microscope, Rife became the first human being to actually see a live virus, and until quite recently, the Universal Microscope was the only one which was able view live viruses.

Using the Universal Microscope, Rife illuminated the microbe (usually a virus or bacteria) with two different wavelengths of the same ultraviolet light frequency which resonated with the spectral signature of the microbe. These two wavelengths produced interference where they merged. This interference was, in effect, a third, longer wave which fell into the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This was how Rife made invisible microbes visible without killing them, a feat which modern electron microscopes could not duplicate.

Dr Royal Rife's Journal

➥ The Life of Dr Royal Rife
➥ The Original Rife Microscope
➥ The Original Rife Machine
➥ The Rife Story: Introduction
➥ Research with Rife Technology
➥ Suppression of Dr Rife's Cancer Treatment
➥ Dr Royal Rife Method for Cancer Treatment
➥ The Rife-Kendall Partnership
➥ Rife Searches for the Cancer Virus
➥ Opposition to Findings
➥ Dr Rife's Treatment for 16 People with Cancer
➥ Raising Funds
➥ Positive Clinical Results
➥ Beam Ray 1938
➥ Rife Shut down by AMA
➥ Rife Machine & Microscope
➥ Rife Gains Acceptance
➥ Finale

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About Dr Royal Rife

Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) was an American inventor who created the original Rife Machine.
Dr Rife's machine could weaken or destroy the pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals.
See Journal Link above for the complete Dr Rife History.

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